Caribbean Fluid Power & Industrial Supplies Limited (CFPISL) is a service-oriented company, which provides goods and services for clients locally, regionally, industrial and offshore which, is supported by dynamic HSE policies and practices.


CFPISL main objective is to service our clients with superior satisfaction, having safety at the forefront of all our endeavors. The key objective of this policy is as follows:


To ensure that operations comply with the Environmental Management Act with all relevant Regulations there under.


  • Complying with the Occupational Safety and Health Act 2004 amended 2006 and all regulations under this Act.


  • By educating, persuading and providing for our clients, to use more environmentally friendly products and assisting them with recycling of their waste products.


  • By providing comfortable safe work environments for our employees with proper information, training and supervision, with risk assessments being done for each job undertaken. “If we cannot do it safe, we will not do it!”


  • By providing adequate resources for our safety department and reviewing safety policies bi-annually for further growth and development.